Useful Things

Float Plan

It’s a good idea to file a float plan with people you know when heading out on the water. This helps people know what you are doing, what to do if they don’t hear from you, and how to handle the situation if something happens.
Please use the following document as a guide – and feel free to file it with another member before heading out!


BoatUS Discount

We all know how reliable boats are. Always running perfectly, never breaking down on you, and purring like a kitten on every cruise. But just in case, you should maintain a towing policy with either BoatUS or TowBoat (the two most popular options on Galveston Bay). For a low annual fee, you get unlimited towing for any boat you are on – not just your own.
We’ve been added to the BoatUS Group Program – which allows us to offer discounts to our members! You will receive¬†$15 (or 50%) off your annual BoatUS membership dues and 10% off on-the-water towing services. This offer is valid for new and reoccurring¬†members!
Please use group id GA85201Y and signup online or call BoatUS at 800-395-2628 to get started!